SCHDC is a non-profit organization that operates, develops, and advocates for affordable supportive housing in New York and beyond.

The Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation is dedicated to developing and managing affordable permanent and transitional homes for the elderly, the homeless, housing insecure, the formerly homeless, and those with mental illnesses or disabilities. SCHDC also advocates for the creation of such housing through the New York Metro Area and beyond.

As a sponsored work of the Sisters of Charity of New York, we are a community-based, not-for-profit organization. SCHDC works to create housing that will become a home.


With special concern for those with the greatest vulnerability, the Housing Development Corporation:

  • Affirms the importance of housing first, recognizing that permanent housing is a human right and a first step in achieving human flourishing;
    Recognizes that beyond a roof, our residents deserve respect, dignity and care as children of God created in the image of the Creator;


  • Creates housing that can become a home: namely, it will develop dwellings that are affordable, secure, and well-maintained


  • Believes that an atmosphere of love and compassion in affordable housing benefits all: residents, their family and friends, and the communities in which our developments are located.

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