Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC) Provides New Home for Ukrainian Refugee Family in St. Louis

St. Louis, 09/29/2023 – The Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC), in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, proudly announces the successful opening of a newly-refurbished house on South Grand Boulevard, now known as St. Michael’s House. This home will serve be a sanctuary for Serhii and Zinaida Tkachenko, along with their two children, who recently arrived in St. Louis as refugees from war-torn central Ukraine.

Following extensive renovations and the generosity of several community volunteers, SCHDC and other organizations have come together to create a welcoming and secure environment for the Tkachenko family. The newly refurbished St. Michael’s House will provide them with a safe haven for up to three years, as they embark on their journey towards self-sufficiency and integration into their new community.

The creation of St. Michael’s House was made possible through the dedication and collaboration of several key organizations, including Depaul USA. Chuck Levesque, the executive director of Depaul USA, commended the Tkachenko family at the ceremony, asserting that “this home will serve as a place where you can grow, raise your family, and achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.”

In addition to the significant efforts of volunteers who contributed to the refurbishment and furnishing of the home, SCHDC extends its gratitude to the St. Louis community for their support and commitment to providing a welcoming environment for refugees fleeing conflict and seeking new beginnings.

Looking ahead, SCHDC remains committed to its mission of creating affordable, safe, and sustainable housing options for individuals and families in need. The opening of St. Michael’s House showcases the power of collaboration and highlights the importance of community support in enabling successful resettlement and integration.

For more information about Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC) and their ongoing initiatives, please visit our website or contact us here. Read the news coverage here.


About Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC)
The Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions and support services to individuals and families in need. Through partnerships, community engagement, and sustainable development practices, SCHDC strives to create safe and inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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