SCHDC Commits to Ambitious Fossil Fuel Reduction Goals

New York, January 8th, 2024— In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, the Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC) has officially committed to a 100% reduction in fossil fuels across all seven of its Staten Island properties by the year 2035. This announcement comes as part of the organization’s voluntary commitment to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice’s NYC Carbon Challenge, and an application for NYSERDA’S Empire Buildings Challenge, Cohort 3, two prestigious initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices in the real estate sector.

The decision was formalized after careful consideration and approval by  CEO & President, Matthew Janeczko, demonstrating SCHDC’s dedication to advancing environmental goals in line with the evolving landscape of sustainable building practices.  Janeczko noted, “Rooted in the charism of the Sisters of Charity of New York, SCHDC remains steadfast in its desire to not only provide safe, affordable homes for New Yorkers, but to do so in a sustainable manner that takes our climate crisis seriously.”

Jules Saint-Martin, Assistant Vice President for Development,  the guiding figure behind this commitment, highlighted the significance of pushing for decarbonization in real estate: “Decarbonizing real estate isn’t just an environmental goal; it’s a strategic investment in our collective future. It enhances property values, ensures resilience, and shapes a sustainable legacy for generations to come.”

The NYC Carbon Challenge requires a minimum 40% reduction in fossil fuel usage by 2030, a standard SCHDC plans to exceed by committing to a 100% reduction by 2035. “This ambitious goal reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and positions us as leaders in sustainable development,” continued Jules Saint-Martin, “We are not just meeting the minimum standards; we are pushing boundaries to create a sustainable future.”

SCHDC’s commitment involves rigorous rehabilitation efforts, with plans for full electric power and substantial solar arrays. The organization is strategically positioned to achieve these goals as it reaches a critical inflection point in the preservation of its Staten Island properties.

The commitment will be prominently displayed on both the Empire Building’s Challenge and NYC Carbon Challenge websites, showcasing SCHDC’s leadership in sustainable development.

The building addresses that are committing to a 100% reduction in fossil fuel use by 2035 are:

150 Brielle Avenue, 101 Myrtle Avenue, 19 Hygeia Place, 35 Gordon Street, 1440 Richmond Terrace, 226 Fillmore Street, and 250 Park Avenue.

These buildings cover a total of 451 units, 100% of which are affordable housing, approximately 344,811 square feet of residential NYC Real Estate.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Jules Saint-Martin

AVP – Development

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